October 23, 2016: Skyrim Day

After having gone to bed so early last night I was up at a pretty decent time this morning.  I had probably two hours to myself before Liesl was awake and came to the office to ask me if I could help her play Skyrim today.  She loved helping me to play it last night and decided that she wanted to make her own character and play the game herself, instead of just helping me to play.  But Luciana was asleep on the futon in our bedroom so we could not fire up the Steam gaming system while she was sleeping there.

Luciana woke up in the early afternoon and we immediately set up Skyrim in our bedroom.  I played for maybe thirty minutes, if that, before Liesl kept asking to play herself.  So I turned the system over to her and she started making her own character.  That took her an hour, at least, but she is excited about having customized her character and having made it her own.

Dominica went out to check out an art museum in Ft. Worth this afternoon as there was an early Monet exhibit there and to scout it out to see if the museum would be good for the kids (it is not).  She then did some clothes shopping as Rue 21 had a huge sale going on and then some grocery shopping.

Liesl really enjoyed playing Skyrim with her own character and ended up playing it the entire day.  Nothing but Skyrim all day.

I packed up my desk from the back office room and moved it into our bedroom next to the bed and brought my Ubuntu laptop in so that I could set up and use it from the bedroom instead of running out to use it at the bar, which is what I had been doing.  That actually ended up working pretty well.

This evening I took the girls out to Yogurtland for frozen yogurt because they begged and begged to go get it.  Luciana has been asking for it since yesterday and there has not been a chance to get it.  So even though it is pretty cumbersome to do it was worth it.  The girls had to come along with me because they could not tell me what they wanted to eat without coming along to look while there.  That actually turned out well because there were two new flavours there, butterscotch pudding and white chocolate raspberry, that they have not had before and Luciana decided to go with the new butterscotch flavour and loved it.

We brought froyo back for Dominica and the girls ate theirs at home, too.