October 26, 2016: Rachel Car Dies

Was up late last night so slept in quite a bit this morning.  Dominica made coffee and we hung out at the bar for a while.

This afternoon had me on a support call helping out an engineer for several hours.  So that ate up a lot of my day that I would have otherwise had to myself.

This evening, on her way home from work, Rachel’s Mazda RX-8 died on the highway.  This isn’t good, we only have the two cars between all of us.  She was stuck out on I35 for a long time until Chris was able to get out and get her.  I was going to go but Chris just showed up without warning her.

So Rachel’s car was towed to a nearby shop and she will know in a few days how bad it is, but we suspect that it is pretty bad.

This evening I played Skyrim until pretty late.  I had been up late last night so was not too tired when it got to be bedtime.