October 30, 2016: Ralstons Heading to Texas

Sunday.  We were pretty tired after our super late night out last night at the halloween fundraiser party in Plano, we did not get home until nearly four in the morning so we slept in a lot today.

I played Castle Crashers with the kids again today.  We are getting pretty good at that game, but it bothers my wrists, it is too much arcade action for me.

I did some WordPress work today, had a site that was hacked and I was brought in to fix things.  That took quite a bit of time.

Dominica made stir fry for dinner tonight.

The Ralstons are on their way down to Texas tonight.  They have been driving all day and stopped in St. Louis tonight.  We are expecting them to come through Dallas tomorrow.  We doubt that they will see Dominica or the girls as they need to get down to Houston tomorrow for Halloween.

We are well into the hectic SpiceWorld whirlwind of activity at this point.