February 1, 2017: Time Flying in Noto

Wednesday.  It probably goes without saying that time is really flying while we are here in Italy.  I’ve been very busy with writing and stuff and that has really made it seem like time is just whizzing by with reckless abandon.  A whole week will go by and I will not even realize it.

I was up early-ish this morning and got right down to work writing.  So much to be done.

With everything going on with work and jobs and projects and finances and whatnot I’ve been very “head down” and not doing much fun stuff and a bit behind on SGL.  Lots going on and we are figuring out our plans, but it is going to be a tough winter, I can tell.

School is going well for the girls and they are getting into a groove now.  Trying to get as much done as they can because it is only three weeks until Dominica has to take a week off to travel back to the States for the wedding.  She will be gone for just over a week at that point (but with two weekends in there, so only one week of school missed.)