February 16, 2017: Another Long Work Day

I slept for eleven hours last night!  Boy did I need it.  I went to bed at eleven and was up at ten.  I feel pretty good and it is a nice day.  I got right upstairs and worked for maybe an hour before Dominica was ready to head out to the grocery store.

I had found a technology store around the corner last night and we stopped in this morning to see if they had a router that we need.  They did not, but it was a good place to poke our heads into.

We walked down the hill and did a good bit of shopping.  We found an interesting Sicilian pistachio liquor that we just had to pick up.  Looked too good.

On the way home we stopped and treated ourselves to gelato.  We sat outside and enjoyed the warm sunshine.  It was nice to have a quiet moment.  Dominica is starting to stress about her busy upcoming week of traveling alone to the United States.  She leaves on Monday and has a lot to do before then, including packing not just what she needs but also carefully selecting anything (like winter coats) that we will not need again while in Europe and getting it all back to the US to drop off so that we don’t have to carry all of that weight around for the rest of our time here.

Once home I worked all day, even late into the night not going to bed until four.  I had planned to knock off at a normal time and go down to the living room and hang out, but the girls were having so much fun just playing with their toys with each other that I figured it was best to be productive and just let them do their own thing.  Dominica did web design work until about one in the morning so she was busy, as well.

We did all go out for dinner around nine.  We walked down and picked up pizza that we plan to eat tomorrow.  Then we took Dominica down to the panini truck that we found yesterday and ordered fries and sandwiches.  The girls love going to the square by the arch and just running around, so we sat there for most of an hour while they ran and ran playing freezing games like “museum” for a long time.  It is good, they needed the exercise.