February 18, 2017: Sequestered in the Office

Saturday. I had worked super late last night not going to bed until around six in the morning so I slept in pretty late and was back online this morning working around noon.  I still have some more work to complete from the stuff that I was working on yesterday so I got right down to it and had a pretty busy day of work today.  I have to get caught up on a lot of stuff today because by Monday I will have basically no free time at all because it is just me and the girls here for over a week and I will be super busy with them all week.

Pretty much I was sequestered all day up in the office.  Did not have much time to do anything fun.  The girls were really involved in their own things for most of the day so they were not too concerned about hanging out.  I was able to hang out with them tonight, but they were having so much fun doing their own things with each other that I figured that it would make way more sense for me to get work done and let them play.  We will be together all week.

Since Sims 3 has not been available on Steam for them since we got to Italy we decided to just buy it for them on the iPads as well.  So they downloaded that today and played it a bit, although they do not like it nearly as much as they like the full version on Steam (where we have all of the expansion packs, too.)

The girls wanted to go for a walk.  So we went down and grabbed a pizza for them, and went to the panino truck and ordered fries for everyone.  While we waited the girls ran around in the square for a long time.  It is clear that we entered the shoulder season here today – th square was full of people and more restaurants were now open and even the gelato place was open.  Totally different than we have seen it thus far.

This evening I did manage to spend a little time watching Modern Family.  We finished season seven tonight, we are now completely caught up with it as far as Netflix has it.  I believe that they are one season behind, but I’m not sure.  That is one great show.