Thrusday.  Day three alone with the kids.  We are surviving thus far.  It is a bright, sunny and warm day today.  The warmest that we have had since we came to Italy.  About seventy degrees.

The trash that we have had out for eight days now finally got picked up today – all of it!  That’s pretty exciting.  We cannot figure out the trash pick up at all.  There is supposed to be pick ups of different things each day.  But it really appears that they only come once a week and all of the separated recycling actually goes out all together.  Locals complained about how some other locals put everything out in the “combined” trash when things are supposed to be really carefully separated, but it is pretty clear that that doesn’t do anything.

The girls were up pretty early today and Liesl knew that it was her turn on Sims 3.  She was up to my office and had it set up the moment that she was awake.  She has been looking forward to this for quite some time.  Both girls are starting new games and I expect that this will keep them both very, very busy.

I wrote all day until late.  I finally finished up in time to play some Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing with the girls for a while.  We got ten races in.  They are both getting really good at this game and the three of us pretty much win every race that we run.

This evening we went out for pizza as Ciana had requested that we do that two nights ago then they opted for fish sticks last night.  So it was pizza time, we have not been out once since Dominica left so that was fine.

We got out and found that everything was closed.  Every pizza shop, gelato place, everything.  We explored town and went to places we have never been before looking for pizza options and there was just nothing.  So weird.  We walked a long ways, too.  And found a lot of places that were closed.

In the end we went to the only option that we could find, the panino truck.  We got loads of fries and some sandwiches and walked back home.

We tried out an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation but we are on episode two of it (we watched the pilot back in Greece and the girls liked it) but it was super slow and uneventful and neither girl liked it.  So much for Star Trek for them.

Luciana refused to watch Spy Kids 3 tonight, so we keep saving that for another night.  We tried watching Journey to the Center of the Earth and I think that the girls were into it, but the Internet went out and we were left with nothing to watch.

So we went to bed and read two chapters of Nancy Drew before falling asleep.  Luciana was asleep even before we finished reading.