January 25, 2017: Day Two in Sicily

Wednesday and our second full day on Sicily.  This morning we were up a bit earlier and we went to the local produce market and picked up a small number of supplies to get us through another few days.  Liesl has discovered yellow delicious apples and cannot get enough of them.  She goes on and on about how much she loves these apples.  They taste exactly like the yellow delicious apples from New York, but she has never wanted to try a yellow apple before until they were the only ones available and now she realizes that they are the best apples that there have ever been and she is eating them with reckless abandon.  Not only does she eat one after another, she eats them right to the core with the seeds falling out.  There is nothing left but a stem!  Yellow delicious have always been my favourites, so I guess that she gets that taste from me.

I did a lot of writing and posting today, was at it all day.  Loving that this house has an office for me to work from.  Most places that we rent do not and that makes it very hard to get anything done.  Either there is nowhere comfortable to sit or I’m stuck in the middle of where the girls need to do school or whatever.

This afternoon I got some work related news that might turn out to be good but for the moment has us rapidly trying to figure out our work, living, finances, travel and overall situation.  Lots of things are suddenly up in the air that were not before so our time in Sicily suddenly became rather hectic.

Dominica made pasta for dinner.  I have very little free time today as I am trying to catch up from all of the travel time and busyness and our week off in Rome.

Had some wine and worked until late in the night.