March 20, 2017: Mortimer Beckett

Monday.  Back to “work” again today.

Tonight the girls and I played “Mortimer Beckett and the Spooky Manor” which turned out to be a much harder hidden object game and less adventure than any of us had guessed.  It was decent, but definitely not what we were expecting when we started it.

Our time in Italy is rapidly drawing to a close.  We will not be here all that much longer.  It is hard to believe that this cycle is Europe is nearly done.  we have not had the experience that we were expecting.  We thought that we were have more resources and more free time and would be able to do many more things.  It has been a good experience and we are very glad to have been here.  But it is not what we were expecting.

Time always flies when we are doing these three month cycles in a country.  It seems like you have unlimited time when you first arrive.  And within a few weeks you already know that time is vanishing faster than you can react to it.