March 21, 2017: Rain and Server Work

Tuesday.  Started the day by cleaning the house.  We have a house keeping coming to clean today and, of course, we want the house clean before she arrives.  Once the house was ready, I walked to the market to get food stuffs for us.  We have to go roughly every other day.

I got back and the kids were awake.  So to get them out of the way I took them down to the central playground in the city for a while in the middle of the day so that the housekeeper could do her thing.  Just made things easier.

After the housekeeping Dominica and to my office and we worked together for a bit.

This afternoon the rain came back.  It rains here a lot.

I had a conference call for a bit today.  Really hard to do calls from Italy, the calls never work or the power goes out or the Internet cuts out.

Vultr changing their pricing structure to today was my day to go around and resize all of the servers that I have so that I can leverage the new pricing.  Since I already have them, I can’t reduce the price, but I can double the RAM allotment.  So it is something.

I had to do a bunch of work on the Zimbra server today.  That kept me occupied for much of the day.

The kids were busy playing “Woodle Tree Adventures 2” today.  They enjoyed the original and this one is two player, so way better.

My bronchitis is still awful today.