March 26, 2017: Making Plans for Our Next Location

Sunday.  I set up a make-shift office in the living room this morning so that I could stay productive while Dominica and I made a Netflix morning of it.

My favourite post of the day…

Rockets vs. Unicycles
Rockets vs. Unicycles

This morning Dominica realized that our Schengen visas will be up in just two weeks!  The pressure is on now to get everything lined up for our flights, apartment, and such.  A lot to do in a short bit of time.

We are up to season five of Star Trek: The Next Generation which we have been watching for most of our television time for a while.  Dominica can’t make it through shows that I also enjoy straight through, though, we always have to break them up.  Which is a bit odd because when she doesn’t watch with me she pretty much only binge watches, beginning to end, any show that she is going to watch.

To shake it up, we started watching Star Trek: Enterprise which we have never gotten into before.  We gave it a bit of a chance and are starting to like it.

I have been watching a lot of PBS Space Time, as well.

The kids came into the living room and played puppets today.  They are so funny.

Liesl and Luciana played Twin Saga today on Steam.

I took the kids out to the playground again today.  They had had so much fun there yesterday.

Tonight our water ran out.  That’s not good.  We’ve not been using very much and now we have none.  None at all.  So now we are in a little bit of a panic.

Coming back from our walk outside, Luciana noticed a scorpion in our doorway as we entered the house!  Our first scorpion since Nicaragua at San Juan del Sur.  Not good.  I was able to kill it really quickly, luckily.

I did a bit of research around the house tonight and discovered that we did not actually run out of water, but instead our pump that powers the house has burned out.  Wonderful.  We really hope that they can address this tomorrow.