March 28, 2017: Discovering SciShow Kids

Tuesday.  Day two of antibiotics.  Not really feeling better, but hey, not feeling any worse, either.  So that’s something.

We had the power out at the house a bit this morning as the electrician and handyman were back today to replace the pump that had died this past weekend.  So no running water and no power this morning.  Lots of fun.

We’ve discovered that the toilet upstairs in the house, the one that only the kids are able to use, is broken and has been flowing continuously.  So it used up all of the available water and killed the pumps.  Just great.  So, just like how the owners had come in while we were gone and watered stuff on the deck and left the hose running for days and ran us out of water before, they had something break and run us out of water now.  So many issues that should not be problems like this.  Why is there no visibility or monitoring on the water usage in a place that has so many water problems?

Worked today.  This evening Dominica went to bed really early.  She was worn out and not feeling great.  So just the kids and I tonight.  We did some exploring of shows on YouTube and Luciana has discovered that she loves SciShow Kids and we watched loads of it together tonight.  She loves how they present stuff and is really interested in it.  What a great find.  I’m so excited that she likes this.

Luciana and I explored lots of shows and watched Reading Rainbow together, too.  Ciana figured out that it was the guy from Star Trek and thought that that was really cool.  We watched an episode here Levar goes to Israel and learns about self driving cars.  Luciana was really interested in that and thought it was so cool.  (She would end up talking about self driving cars for months, asking how they will work and stuff like that.  She learned a lot from that episode.)

Liesl went off on her own and has been watching the original Full House episodes which are available on Netflix here.

This evening the girls and I played Secret Order: Beyond Time on Steam.  It is a hidden object adventure game with great graphics.  The girls are enjoying it.