March 6, 2017: Dominica Stars Doing Banner Ads

Monday.  Another bright and really warm day in Noto, Sicily.  After taking yesterday off to watch Star Trek: TNG we have a lot to do today so we made it mostly a busy day of work.  The girls are back to school today, although it was a light day and not a full one.

Dominica did more website work and her first banner ads today.  She is adding more and more to her graphic design portfolio.  And it only took an hour or less from the time that she made her first banner ads before we got our first inquiry from them for services!  Apparently the new site works.

Our next door neighbours here in Noto are having their tile roof replaced.  So we have a roofing crew right on level with our second floor so it is quite loud here.  But interesting to watch them working on a house of this style.

Dominica made breakfast this morning and I made a trip on foot to the corner store.  And laundry going on today, too.

Tonight, Dominica made pumpkin risotto for dinner.