April 15, 2017: Kiev House Party

Saturday.  Our first weekend on our own here in Kiev, Ukraine.  Last weekend was travel and getting shown around.  This is our first real bit of free time with just the family to do our own thing, although only for part of the day.  It was a gorgeous morning when we got up today.  So far the weather in Kiev has been really nice the whole time that we have been here.

This morning I started the day by updating my Asus RoG laptop from Ubuntu 16.10 to Ubuntu 17.04.  Then my next project was setting up blank WordPress sites for Dominica to be working on.  She is doing a lot of web design work now, it is keeping her quite busy.

This afternoon, the girls and I went with Anton and friends to a house party on the left bank.  Dominica was not feeling well and decided that she needed to stay home and could not come with us.  But other kids were going to be there so we did not want our girls to miss out.  I already knew most of the people that were going to be there today, but Dominica did not so between feeling under the weather and social anxiety she was kind of glad that she got to stay home.

The party was in the afternoon and we had a really nice time.  The girls played with the other kids the whole time and were having a blast.  Our host is a restaurantour and took his cooking very seriously.  So there was a myriad of great food to eat and lots to drink.  And it was very neat getting to explore more of Kiev and getting to see real apartments where people live and what life is like in different parts of the city.  It was a really nice, big open apartment in a nice, newer, but less popular area.  I could definitely see myself enjoying life in that kind of place.

It was a fun time.  Anton and Max were there.  And Max’s girlfriend Dasha.  And the guys that I knew from the bar and their families and kids and Anton’s kids.  It was a good crowd.

After the party we came home and had a quiet evening to ourselves at the apartment.  It was a really cool day and a huge change of pace.  Dominica was very disappointed that she could not make it, but it just would not have worked.  She was feeling so sick that she would have been miserable.  She has missed out on nearly everything here in Kiev.