April 17, 2017: Honey Cafe

Monday.  I don’t have many notes from early in the day today.  This afternoon or early evening, depending on your perspective, Anton took the family out to lunch at a cafe called Honey that his wife’s family owns in town.  The food was great and the girls really enjoyed the selection.

Honey Cafe
Luciana & Liesl at Honey in Kiev

The food was all so amazing that I really just have to share it all in pictures.

Scott’s Salmon at Honey
Goat Cheese Salad at Honey
Pistaccio Cake at Honey

After food and visiting, back at the apartment we watched some movies.  Dominica and I watchined Zombieland which was okay.  And we also watched The Rundown which is pretty decent.

I finished getting Dominica converted fully over to Korora 25 on her laptop tonight.  It is much improved.  We have turned into a Linux using family.  Pretty much no Windows left now.  Liesl still has it on her old laptop and we have it on the Steam gaming machine.  But that is it.

Tonight, at bed time, Luciana requested that we study Spanish together.  I love it when she wants to do that.