April 18, 2017: Luciana Gets Sick

It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Kiev, but Luciana has developed a couch that is so bad that last night, during the night, she coughed so long and so much that she ended up throwing up!  That is not good at all.  She always seems to get sick when we are out of the country.  (In reality this has only happened a couple of times and is just coincidence.)

Thanks so much to everyone at the Starwind office who went so far out of their way to help out with Luciana today.  They got us a pediatrician who does house calls (they really do this) and had them come to the apartment for us.

While we waited on the doctor, we nursed Luciana, and I got Dominica trained on her new Korora Cinnamon desktop which she is now using.

The pediatrician and assistant came to the apartment, as did the secretary from the office, and they looked at Luciana.  Not a big deal, just a really bad cough.  They are going to run some tests, though.  Everyone was awesome.  We got a prescription and the secretary and the driver went to the pharmacy and got all of the medicine and stuff that Luciana needs.

We would have been in terrible shape if it wasn’t for Anton, Maryna and everyone at Starwind who sprang to action and got us what we needed here in Kiev.

So I was at the apartment all day today, definitely did not go into the office with Luciana so sick.   But with some medicine to help with the cough she is feeling better already.  She never really felt very sick, it was just a horrible cough.

For dinner, Dominica made her own masuman curry, which was quite good.