April 28, 2017: Fish and Burgers

Friday.  Today I am in the office early and mostly working on Restoronix infrastructure stuff, like building out Jira servers and things like that.

Anton and I went out for lunch today at a really interesting seafood place with food shipping in from Odessa.  We got to see some Russian mafia eating at the table right beside us.  But our food and tea were really interesting and good.

Tea an Odessa
Fish Sticks and Broth at Odessa
Fish at Odessa
Anton’s Fish at Odessa

By late in the day, we assessed Jira and decided that we all hated it.  So we moved to Asana instead.  Free and easy to use.  Everyone likes it and it is fully hosted so we don’t have to deal with it in any way.  Why didn’t we just start there?

I was in the office until late, so Max and I went out for falafel burgers downtown.

Eating a Falafel Burger

As you can guess, this was some seriously messy food.  Max got a “real” hamburger.

Max with Hamburger

After dinner it was an Uber home.  Max had ridden his bicycle over.