April 4, 2017: Dominica’s New Business

Tuesday.  The clock is running down for Italy.  Just a few more days.  We leave this week for Kiev.

Today we did a bit of work around planning for Dominica’s new business doing websites.  Her business website business is Presidio Productions.  She is working on building up a portfolio before getting too public with it.  I’ve been thinking that websites are a perfect business for her for over a decade now.  But convincing her of that takes a long time.

In a similar vein, I continued working on the design and build of my high performance web hosting system.  That is coming along nicely.

We had pasta for lunch and dinner today.  We are working hard to get through all of our food in the pantry before we leave.  Over the years, we have gotten pretty good at that.  We used to leave so much behind.  Now we can plan it pretty well.  That makes traveling a lot cheaper.

Packing started tonight.  No more buying food and just riding out the leftovers is the first sign that we are about to relocate.  Then the packing starts.  Just a little bit, but the first items are being gathered up and put into suitcases to prepare for the move.