May 14, 2017: Mother’s Day

Sunday and Mother’s Day.  I did a tiny bit of work when I first got up this morning and then, once the girls were awake, Liesl and I set about making breakfast for the family.  Dominica wanted scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast, so that is what we did.  Liesl did the toast while I did the eggs.

Liesl Making the Mother’s Day Breakfast

We tried using the toaster oven to make the toast, but that was pretty dirty and it caught fire.  So after putting out that small kitchen fire we moved to making the toast in the new oven.  This was my first time using our new oven!

Cinnamon Toast by Liesl

Today we spent some time watching the new Netflix original series Anne with an “E” with Liesl.

The Liesl and I watched Johnny English Reborn.  Totally our kind of movie.

Tonight I watched some Club de Cuervos.