May 18, 2017: VeeamOn Party

Today is the last day of the VeeamOn Conference in New Orleans.  I will be flying back to Texas tomorrow.

I walked over to the convention center for breakfast.  Then some sessions.  I got to meet my friend Gary today.  We’ve been friends on Spiceworks and on Facebook for many years, but have never met in person.  We got to hang out a little bit today.

In the late afternoon I was over at the hotel for a little while.  Then went out to find the after party.  It was a little bit of a walk but not far.  Veeam had gotten an entire street blocked off for their party and had a huge indoor and outdoor venue for us with multiple stages and all kinds of music and entertainment going on along with loads of food and drinks.  It was really well done.

Most everyone gravitated to one of the big acts like the pop, rock or zydeco bands.  But I found a little jazz trio playing on a balcony and hung out there much of the evening when I wasn’t meeting with one person or another.

Jazz Trio at VeeamOn 2017 After Party