May 4, 2017: Last Day in Kiev

Today is our final day in Kiev.  Our time in Europe is up for this year.  Tomorrow we fly to New York.

I started the day walking into the office. Obviously Dominica was very busy today working on getting all of the final things packed up so that we can fly.  A busy day.

We had a shorter office day today.  Towards the late afternoon, we got rides from the office, got Dominica and the kids, and our whole team drove way across the city to go to a really high end seafood restaurant for dinner as a team.

Final Dinner in Kiev

There was so much great looking seafood tonight.  It was quite hard to choose something.  We also had a huge selection of appetizers that we wanted to try all of.  The girls loved the selection and had a great time.

I asked the chef what he suggested and he said that the octopus was really good that day.  As one of my favourite foods, I could not resist.

Octopus and Mashed Potatoes in Kiev

The most surprising thing that we found was that Liesl is totally in love with caviar.  She immediately wanted to try it and she already knew what it was.  We asked her and she said “of course I know what it is, it is fish eggs!”  She had all that she could get.

Liesl Eating Caviar

We were very happy that both girls just loved their dinner and had so much fun trying so many different kinds of food.

Liesl and Luciana in Kiev

We got home from dinner and it was a short night, off to bed very much on the early side.  By the time we were in bed, we had just eight hours until we were getting picked up to go to the airport!

Dinner was amazing, it was a great night.  We are going to miss all of our friends in Kiev.