May 9, 2017: Sparkle Party

Had breakfast at Paul’s house this morning, and then we were on the road driving south to Dallas.  We are looking forward to getting back to our house.

After a long day of driving, we arrived in Dallas.  We walked into a house that was completely destroyed. It is impossible to really describe how bad things were at the house.  The whole house was completely covered in glitter, paper, and was just a total mess.  All of it.  It was jaw droppingly bad.  We had no idea how to react.

Rachel actually ran away just before we got to the house, and didn’t come home today, to avoid us.  Why she didn’t just clean the house, I have no idea.

It was so bad that we had to drop everything and spend the entire evening doing nothing but cleaning before we could even use the house.  We put in a solid two hours of cleaning.  Just what we need.  We have rushed back to the US so that I could get right to work on so many things that need me.  Time is super critical, or we would have remained in Europe longer (much longer.)  This is a major problem as we needed to get here and get straight to work.  We were not prepared to arrive and start making the house liveable.

So this turned into a pretty bad night.  It is going to take forever to clean the house.  There are drinks all over the house with mold in them.  Spoiled food everywhere.  It’s so bad.

I did manage to get a computer up on the desk in my office (what will come to be known as the “winter office”.)

Tomorrow is going to be a lot of work cleaning.