June 23, 2017: Mango Meetup NYC

Friday.  Jared went to NTG headquarters this morning so that they could all car pool together.  They picked up Jeremy in Geneseo, too.  They are all headed down to New York City for the Mango Meetup at AetherStore today.

Mango Meetup Road Trip

The girls got some new video games today on the Steam Summer Sale and I set them up so that they could try some of them out.  Their new games include PixelJunk Shooter, Nom Nom Galaxy, Never Alone, Metamorphabet, Amos from Outer Space, OIK, OIK 2, and they got the working Steam version of Psychonauts as the GOG version that we have does not work.

I also got the SteamLink working today.  So the Steam laptop is able to be in one part of the house and the girls are able to play from their bedroom.

Liesl was very excited to finally get to really play Psychonauts.  She has been wanting to play that since she got to play it at the Grices’ at Christmas time.

Luciana played Metamorphabet, but was not all that into it.

The girls played Never Alone together for a while.

We managed to get Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch today, too.  It is one of the older titles but has been missing from our collection.

The crew arrived in New York City and walked to the AetherStore offices.

Danielle, Jeremy, and Jarod Arrive in New York City

The made the kids mac and cheese this evening. Dominica made veggie dogs for us.

Big thunderstorms came tonight.  I did not get to go to bed tonight because of the intense storms.  I had to stay up and make sure that the atrium did not flood and…

Of course the atrium flooded from the storm.  So I got to spend my late night standing out in the pouring rain trying to keep the drains clear so that the water would not rush through the house.  Not a fun night.

And hour later, the Carrollton flood warnings sounded.  A bit late, people.