June 4, 2017: Happy Birthday Dad

My experiment of going to bed early last night back fired rather a bit.  Instead of getting lots of sleep, instead I was awake at four in the morning!   Fail.

Happy Birthday to my dad.

I walked out into the living room and discovered a cat asleep in our back yard.  It had found a nice little spot underneath a chair that we have out there and was quite content as if he owned the place.  How odd.

Spent the morning posting and writing.  Getting up early does tend to make me jump right into things.

I figured that since the family is away that I should find a good video game to get sucked into and put some time into playing it while I can.  But I failed to come up with one today.

I discovered the short lived ABC sitcom Christella today and started watching a bit of it.  It is super interesting because it basically takes place in exactly my neighbourhood here in Dallas.  And the building in which the main character ends up working is a building that we use all of the time for going out to eat!  The show totally takes place right around us.  The show itself is good.  Not great, but good.  But that it is based on exactly where we live makes it super fun to watch.  You never find shows based on this part of the country.