July 9, 2017: Game Day and Rachel Starts Packing

I got up and cleaned some this morning while everyone was still asleep.

Another morning of Liesl and I being up before anyone else.  So we had some time to hang out and video game together.  First off she tried playing Bad Rats.  But after a little bit she decided that she was not into it.

We played Cheesecake Cool Conrad for a while.  That is a really cool and interesting puzzle platformer.  The girls really like that.

Liesl played Morphopolis, which she really liked.  She was having so much fun with it that she decided to dress up for it so that she would fit into the game more.

Liesl Playing Morphopolis


After Morphopolis we played some MouseCraft.  Then we returned to The Journey Down that we were playing a few nights ago.

Rachel started working on packing up today.  She is moving out in a few days to move out to Wiley or somewhere like that that I have never been to.