August 11, 2017: Sodium Testing


Slow day of work.  Both in the office and all my online activities were very slow today.  By before three this afternoon, I was ready to call it a day.

Dominica did grocery shopping today.  I Telegrammed her to get me some Modelo.

This evening was me doing loads of manual database edits.  Boring work, but had to be done.

Did tons of SodiumSuite installs tonight.  Testing on a lot of new platforms.

Luciana has been gaming like crazy all day. She just finished up some time on NixQuest after playing Sims 3 for a long while.  She played some Purring Quest, too.

For dinner tonight, Dominica made pan friend, coconut battered tofu with a honey ginger siracha dipping sauce.  While eating dinner, Dominica and I watched some Cheers.  We’ve been working our way through some of the classics that we didn’t see or haven’t seen since we were little.  I’m always surprised by how much of Cheers I remember when watching it now, but I could not think of any previously.  I must have watched it a lot more when I was really little than I realized.