August 4, 2017: Critter Chronicles Second Playthrough

It’s Friday!  We got some thunderstorms today.  They did not last long and the rain did not come down hard enough to be any problem.  The lawn will be growing again now, though.  I did figure out, since I had to bring the new weed whacker in from outside today to keep it out of the rain, that it hangs in the kitchen really well alongside the brooms and mop which is perfect.  Anything that keeps me from having to go in and out of the garage is a big deal with how bad the door is there.  And it is so much more convenient to just grab the weed whacker and start mowing without having to go and “fetch” it.

The kids played The Sims 3 and Luciana played Colors on Steam today.  Luciana has gotten even farther in that game than Liesl has!  Maybe Luciana is going to be our platform player.

This evening we started really playing The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles which is a prequel the The Book of Unwritten Tales that we completed (for the second time) last night.  Liesl is controlling the game and we are well past the first chapter after playing tonight.  This is our second time playing the prequel as well, but neither of the girls remember it at all, it was too many years ago.

Dominica did some shopping for school supplies today at Target.  The girls are doing crafts every day in school, and Luciana has been doing math every day and is really enjoying it.