September 11, 2017: Mango Languages

DuoLingo Streak: 9 Days

Monday.  This morning I managed to get access to my Farmer’s Branch library’s Mango Languages account so that I can use their language training on my compute and iPhone.  I have been trying to get this working since we were in Italy and I am very excited as I have rather exhausted the utility of DuoLingo other than using it as a means of pushing myself to ensure that I practice my foreign languages a little each day.

We are loving our new couch.  It is awesome having a comfortable place to sit, finally, in the house.  It still is not much, but it is already making a big difference.

Today was mostly a pretty slow day.  I am scheduled to talk to the team in Arizona on Wednesday, so until then we really have no additional news on that front.  So a couple days of “just waiting” right now while they deal with personal immigration matters there.

Dominica and I are still on the third season of Cheers.  And tonight I read the final half of the fourth Magic Treehouse book to the girls, Pirates Past Noon.