September 19, 2017: First Day Back in Phoenix

DuoLingo Streak: 17 Days

Tuesday.  First day in Phoenix on my second trip here.  It is not nearly as hot as it was a few weeks ago.  It’s actually quite nice.  Still warm, but not bad at all.

We were up on the early side.  I was awake before six and got ready quite early.  There is no hot water in the apartment so that made for an unhappy shower situation this morning.

Off to the office by eight and it was meetings all day.  No real breaks at all.  We worked like crazy.  We did break for lunch and drive way across town, again, to get really good Indian food.

The office is much more set up now than it was a few weeks ago when I was here.  Now there are two private offices set up (one is mine, of course) and about six cubicles are set up.  It’s like a real office now!  And there is a big television in the conference room as well.

After work we went back to the condo and the team came over and met us there after a few hours.  We ordered in Indian for dinner and made a night of it.  Not so much work tonight, mostly a chance to relax.