September 23, 2017: Hanging with the Kids Weekend Begins

DuoLingo Streak: 21 Days

It was after noon when I woke up.  Only four hours of sleep, too.  It took me a bit to get moving.  I got some journaling done and then Liesl was the next one up.  Liesl had slept more than anyone else last night, having gone to bed and slept before coming to the airport to get me, then being asleep again instantly once we had returned home.

Liesl got up and fired up the Steam machine so that we could play XCOM today.  She has been so excited all week that I promised a lot of XCOM this weekend.

So we played all afternoon in the living room.  We made it through several campaigns and advanced the storyline a bit.  It was a generally good XCOM day.

Luciana slept in very late.  She did not get up until probably four in the afternoon.

After XCOM, Liesl played her hidden object Christmas Candy Cane video game, all the way through on her own.  She really loves that game.

I took a little time to be in my office, just a couple hours.  Luciana wanted to play Minecraft with me today, so we gave that a shot but as is the case more often than not, the Minecraft multiplayer system did not work and we could not play together.  It almost never works, it’s not well made at all.  So many problems.

Instead we decided to watch some shows together.  So we watched FailArmy and then watched a whole bunch of SciShow Kids.  Dominica went out to do some grocery shopping and tried to pick up Panda Express for the family, but they were out of Chow Mein and all shrimp items.  What?  How does Panda fail to have that much of their main items?

While Luciana and I were watching shows, Liesl decided to play her hidden object game through a second time.  She likes it that much.  So in all, I believe that she beat it once at her grandparents’ house, once when we first got it, once today and is now playing it again.

Instead, Dominica came home and cooked dinner here.  Once food was ready, everyone moved into our room and we put on Netflix’ newly released (as of like yesterday) Fuller House season three.  We watched for about half of the available episodes.  We will probably watch the rest tomorrow.

After that, it was time for bed for everyone.  Dominica had fallen asleep while we had been watching the show.  Luciana was ready for me to tuck her in right away.  Liesl wanted to finish her second run through her video game, so I let her and she was actually done before everyone else was ready for bed anyway.  So I got her off to bed as well.

I did just a tiny bit of work, mostly building a test Fedora 26 with Cinnamon system for some work that needs to be done, then was off to bed myself.  It was not that late and everyone else was already asleep by the time that I turned in!