September 24, 2017: Starting the Chamber of Secrets

DuoLingo Streak: 22 Days

A nice, relaxing Sunday at home with nothing particular needing my attention.  More or less.  I was up at eight, well before anyone else.  So I had a little while to relax in my office and work on some serious catching up on SGL.  I got in a few hours to myself before anyone else woke up.  I had the Steam laptop all ready, though, so that I would be able to play something once Liesl was awake.  I was in the mood to play some XCOM, but I try to not play it until she is free to join me.  We like to play it together.  She roots for my squad as they face down the alien hordes.

At ten thirty I ended up doing a consulting call that went for two hours.  Not what I really wanted to do today, but I need to pay the bills.  Really cannot complain about getting to do Sunday phone consulting.  I will be working tomorrow, as well.  Tomorrow I am on site with a customer in Plano.  I have been really busy this month.

While I was on my call, Dominica brought me a cafe latte.  And as soon as I was done, she made a late breakfast of egg and cheese on bagels.  Liesl set up XCOM on the Steam laptop and as soon as we had eaten we played for several hours.  I had a lot of really successful campaigns on XCOM today, too.  One of my better days.

At five thirty, Luciana wanted to game so I gave up the Steam laptop and let Luciana play Slime Rancher for a while.

I did some SodiumSuite support work today.  We had a new release and finally tracked down a problem that we have been having for over a week that has really been plaguing us.

I had some more time to work on journalling on SGL.  And finally I have completed all of the entries from March and have worked my way into April.  That still leaves quite a huge gap, but I am working on it.  The gap is, at least, getting smaller.

Dominica made tilapia and green beans for dinner, it was quite good.  We watched two episodes of the fourth season of Cheers while we had dinner.

Liesl played her Christmas themed hidden object game twice through today, again.  That is four complete play throughs this weekend.  She is oddly addicted to a very funny little game.  She played The Sims 3 for a while, as well.

Luciana and Liesl took a shower tonight.  They had a load of fun playing with their science set and My Little Ponies while in the shower.

I had promised to play a little Overcooked tonight, so after their shower we did.  Just two rounds, but that is nearly half an hour.  We are up to the “Peckening” which is basically the final boss battle, I think.  So it takes forever.  We are up to sixty six hours of total play time on that game!  Like Slime Rancher, this is the other one that Liesl got for her birthday this past year.  Both really turned out to be great finds that have endured and gotten an absurd amount of use.

After our video game time was done, it was about one in the morning and it was time for us to start our family bedtime reading.  Luciana really wants to start the sixth book in the Magic Tree House series, but that one is currently out from the library, so I have a request in for it.  Instead, tonight we started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  The second book in the series.

Tomorrow I am working for a large energy company in the area all day, on site.