September 25, 2017: IKEA Area Day

DuoLingo Streak: 23 Days

Monday.  My alarm was set for eight thirty this morning, but I was awake at eight.  I got up, did my daily DuoLingo, showered and was out the door.  I am working up in Plano, today, around Headquarters Drive.  I grabbed Taco Bell breakfast and coffee at the corner of Frankford and the DNT and ate on the drive up.

I put in a more than four hour day doing telephony consulting up in Plano for a very large energy producer.  It was a fun and interesting day.  We had a chance to talk about SodiumSuite, as well.  And MangoLassi, too.  It was a fun project and a nice day.

While I was there, we got word that instead of being pushed back for later scheduling for moving out to Phoenix, things are actually being pushed up and Jeremy and I will be starting to move on Friday, rather than on Monday!  So things are really in motion now.

I worked until mid-afternoon in Plano, then drove back home.  I was only home for a little while before Dominica wanted to go up to Frisco to go to IKEA.  IKEA is just one street over from where I was working all day.  So just a round trip drive for me.

It was around five thirty when we finally drove to IKEA and did not get there until after six due to all of the terrible traffic that was going on as it was rush hour on a Monday.  Probably not the best time to have decided to drive up to Frisco.

We had dinner at IKEA, of course.  Dominica had the salmon.  Liesl decided that she does not like the al dente pasta there and stole my veggie wrap, but did not like the cheese in it, and so ate mashed potatoes.  I had a salar and a veggie wrap.  Dominica ended up with a double salmon.

We spent way too much time shopping this evening and before we were to the end Luciana was over exhausted and just whining and crying the whole time.  I was tired after a long day and just wanted to get home.  Our objective, however, was to find Dominica a little desk for her to put her laptop on while working on the new love seat that we bought from IKEA recently.

Dominica spent the evening working on her website.  She has moved from her awful, garbage Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro to my amazing Asus RoG laptop and is able to work a lot better now.  It is so much faster and more stable and doesn’t have any of the problems that she constantly encounters from that cheap junk.  It is amazing how problematic having to use a bad laptop can be.

We had some last minute changes to our travel plans for Jeremy and me over the next two weeks and Dominica and I were up for a few hours attempting to deal with that.  That made for a stressful evening and I knew that I was going to have to get up in the middle of the night to deal with it further, so we limited our bedtime reading this evening to just one chapter and got to bed a little early so that I would have some rest before needing to get up at four thirty.

That means that tonight was just chapter five of the second book in the Harry Potter series: The Chamber of Secrets.  The girls were both sad that we could only read a single chapter, they love these books.

Both girls slept in our room last night.  As often happens, Luciana got the couch and Liesl climbed into bed with us.  Luciana loves to snuggle and does all day long, but at night she gets too warm and feels trapped so likes to sleep on her own.  She migrates all over the bed as it is, which is probably why she feels trapped when she sleeps with people around.