September 9, 2017: Full Work Weekend

DuoLingo Streak: 7 Days

Saturday.  Today was super busy.  I started the day consulting by phone for three hours. Which is great as it is a lot of money coming in, especially on a weekend.  And it all went really well.  Very happy about the work.  I had expected the call to only be an hour, not three, so I am very glad that I had gotten up and showered prior to doing the call or I would have been scrambling later.

Then I had just a little bit of time with Dominica to talk and have my coffee, then I had to drive up to McKinney for on site work with the doctor’s office up there that we have been supporting.

I drove up to McKinney, no chance for food all morning.  It was all just too busy.  I put in a few hours at the doctor’s office.  The big items today were getting their new firewall installed, moving all of their equipment over to the new addressing scheme, picking out and ordering new wifi access equipment (Amazon will deliver later today, but I can set it up tomorrow.), setting up printers and scanners, fixing a NAS that they have lost access to, some training and so forth.  A busy, but really successful and productive afternoon.

I grabbed Taco Bell on the way back home.  What a busy day it was.  It was probably five in the evening when I got my first bite of food all day!  I’d had nothing but coffee.  But it was a very full day of work, and on a Saturday, no less.  So I was quite happy.

Home and relaxing, spending the rest of the day with the family.

This evening, when I tucked the girls into bed, we finished reading the third Magic Treehouse book: Mummies in the Morning.  Liesl took a little bit to get back into the Magic Treehouse books as she read them long ago and they are geared for kids more Luciana’s age, but now that we read them before going to bed each night, Liesl is really excited about them, too.

This family reading time is great, it is helping the girls to wind down and get to sleep faster and we are having a wonderful daddy / daughter time just hanging out and doing these stories.