October 14, 2017: Another New Project?

DuoLingo Streak: 42 Days

Saturday.  We have nothing planned for this weekend.  In theory I am supposed to be flying out to Phoenix late tomorrow night, but nothing about the flight plans or schedule has been discussed yet and I am still awaiting information on other things from earlier in the week.  So, it seems rather unlikely that I will be flying out all that soon.

My morning started with me getting out of bed to news that I need to help with looking into the development of some new banking systems in central Africa.  Some extremely interesting stuff.  I was involved with that for much of the morning.

So that was exciting way to start the day.  Not at all what I was expecting.

By mid-afternoon I was no longer needed at my desk, so I watched Blacklist with Dominica for much of the afternoon and evening.  We are addicted to it now.  Thankfully it is on Netflix so we are able to just binge watch it.

This evening we continued reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and got through about one chapter and then Luciana said that it was too scary and that we need to read it during the day, not at night time because it is so scary that she is not able to sleep after we are done reading it.  So we wrapped it up on the early side tonight and are saving the conclusion of the book for tomorrow night’s reading.