October 2, 2017: First Official “Day in the Office”

DuoLingo Streak: 30 Days

Heard about the shooting in Las Vegas before going to bed last night.  It was just twenty dead and one hundred shot by the time that I had fallen asleep.  It was fifty injured when we were at Del Taco yesterday evening, which is where I was when my phone alerted me about it.  We woke up to two hundred injured and by the time that we went down to breakfast at eight it was over four hundred and at eight thirty they reported five hundred and fifteen injured plus fifty eight dead and lots more unknown.  Unbelievable.  While at breakfast, the guy eating next to us was texted by his daughter, she had four friends killed at the concert.  He was very Vegas and his ex-wife worked at the hospital handling the trauma.

Jeremy and I got picked up from the hotel at around a quarter after nine and went into the office for Jeremy’s first weekday in the office.  We moved into “my” office suite and got to work.  Since we have our own suite off of the main office, we are able to have the lights off and avoid that eye strain.  We do not have any monitors, though, so we are stuck just working from the straight laptops.  So no better than just being at the hotel, except that the Internet is a little bit faster.  But not a ton faster.

We got into the office around nine thirty and settled into our own little suite where we were able to keep the overhead lights off, the room quiet and get down to solid work all day.

Around one we walked across the street to Firehouse Subs for some lunch.  On the way home we stopped off at McDonald’s to get some coffee.  It was horrendous, though, it smelled like the sewer had backed up in the McDonald’s.  I’ve never been in a restaurant that smelled so vile.  It was awful!

Back to the office for the afternoon.  Loads and loads of coding.  My job is more oversight and running interference to make sure that Jeremy can stay as busy as possible without having to deal with issues or interuptions or “logistics” of working more than necessary. Unfortunately, no monitors for either of us today, so we are only working from laptops which is not incredibly practical.  Just using laptops we can do from the hotel as well as from the office.  Better, in fact, as there are better options for plugging in there and no need to commute back and forth, even if it is just up the street.

We went back to the hotel at a quarter till five.  Nothing going on tonight with the team.  So just hotel time for us.  We were both hungry pretty quickly, so figured that we would just start the night by going over to Del Taco (because it is cheap and right next door) and grabbing some beer from the gas station here and getting straight back to work.

It was a very productive night.  Lots of work done.  We worked until the wee hours of the morning.