October 30, 2017: ARK Gone with the Sphere

DuoLingo Streak: 58 Days

Monday.  Today is my last day home alone in Dallas.  Tomorrow morning I am heading down to Houston to join the family.  The plan is to leave before eight in the morning and Dominica will pick me up from Kingwood just after noon.  Then I can spend part of the week with the kids and go trick or treating tomorrow night and then the schedule is that Jeremy and I are flying out to Qatar on Friday.  It is going to be a busy week.

Since I had a little time to myself today, for what I am expecting is the last time for quite some time, I played another video game today: AR*K Gone with the Sphere which is the first part of what is currently a three part sci-fi point and click mystery trilogy of games.  I have had it for a while, but have never gotten into it enough to really play the game.  So knowing that it was pretty short, I decided that today I would do it.

It was only a few hours of gameplay to get through the game.  It’s not a great game, but it was enjoyable.  The story is pretty quirky and felt more like a warm up to a story than a story itself.  But I can see the series potentially going someplace good.  I own all three parts that are currently released, so I can move on to the second and third parts sometime in the future.

I am enjoying having some time to myself to play some of these games that I have been saving up.  Point and click adventures often remain the things that I really want to play when I have the time to do so.  It makes me sad that not so many of them get created, because it is such a good genre with so many possibilities.

This evening Rachel and Shawn stopped by for just a little bit to pick up Rachel’s mail that has been piling up at the house for months.  They did not hang out for very long, but enough time for a glass of wine.  The Bota Box Nighthawk Black is a hit.

Shawn has started taking a Python programming class as he has decided that he wants to get into software development.  Oddly, he never talked with me about this, at all.  After years of living in our house, he never talks about doing anything with computers ever and then, just two months after moving out, silently decides that he is going to go into that field.  Kind of a missed opportunity there.

I got myself off to bed at a very reasonable time tonight.  I need to be up pretty early in the morning and wanted to be well rested.  So pretty much after they left I just packed up and got myself ready to walk out of the door in the morning.