October 7, 2017: Introducing Jeremy to Telenovelas

DuoLingo Streak: 35 Days

Saturday.  I was up this morning around four, but managed to stay in bed until four thirty.  But after that, I was awake.  Jeremy got up around six thirty.  We were expecting things to start early this morning.  So we got up, showered and got all ready, had breakfast, coffee, and waiting for news of the plan to get into the office for the day.

We sat outside for a few hours pool side and worked from there until it got brighter and warmer, then came back up to the hotel room.  We had gone out when they started doing the room cleaning.

It was a long morning of just waiting around wondering what was going on and when our critical meetings are going to happen.  Our stress levels just get worse and worse as we sit around wondering what is going on.

We got into the office at about one.  It ended up being a very quiet day in the office with no additional info.  We worked until mid-evening and then went back to the hotel, worked there for just a tiny bit, but then decided to call it a day and I introduced Jeremy to the telenovela La Hipocondriaca to which he is now addicted.  We watched that until we fell asleep.