October 8, 2017: Last Day in Phoenix

DuoLingo Streak: 36 Days

Sunday.  Our final day in Phoenix, Jeremy and I both fly out just after midnight.

We managed to get up this morning and get breakfast before getting a ride into the office.  Then it was a couple hours of work from there before everyone arrived for an afternoon of meetings.  Finally, we’ve been anxiously awaiting these.

We had a really good, but incredibly busy, afternoon.  We managed to get a lot of our questions and concerns ironed out.  Not all, but mostly.  More meetings needed over the next few days.

We had a team lunch today at a really awesome pastry and chaat restaurant.  Jeremy got to try a lot more new Indian cuisine.  He is definitely getting hooked.

In the early evening we went back to our hotel so that we could shower, pack, and relax before our flights this evening.  We moved from two of us flying, to four of us flying tonight, all about the same time.  Jeremy and I got to watch a few more episodes of La Hipocondriaca before shutting down to leave the hotel.

It has been a long ten days here in Phoenix.  We are ready to get home to our families.

We got a ride around ten over to the condo.  Met one new person while there for twenty minutes, had drinks, and were off to Skyharbor for our flights back home.

The Uber dropped Jeremy off first as he is flying the earlier American flight back to Rochester through Charlotte.  Anup, Sujit, and I are flying on the same Spirit flight from Phoenix to Dallas.

We would have been to our gate much earlier, but Anup forgot his laptop and Vijay had to run it up from the office.  But our flight was delayed an hour so we had loads of time, anyway.

Through check in and security in no time and off to the gate.  There is one bar still open there so we went there to eat.  We got veggie burgers and beers.

The flight home went well.  I had an aisle seat and managed to kind of zone and and rest for the flight.

Dominica and the girls picked all three of us up and I drove everyone to their apartment before going home and getting to bed.  It was around seven in the morning when we finally got to bed.