November 19, 2017: Houston for the Holiday

Sunday.  Today we got up, packed the car, and drove down to Houston.  So that took pretty much the whole day.  It took us till around noon to get on the road this morning, putting us in Houston just a little after five this evening.

We are down for the Thanksgiving holiday, which is quite early this year on the twenty third, and then staying here through Liesl’s birthday.

We are prepared for this trip, we brought our Steam laptop with us.  I am scheduled to have to travel to Doha, Qatar for work any day so we are prepared in case Dominica and the girls end up staying down here in Houston and I fly from here instead of Dallas.  I was supposed to travel last week from Dallas, but nothing ever happened.  So I’ve just been waiting on word that it is time to go for a few weeks.  But we couldn’t avoid doing stuff for the holidays and for Liesl’s birthday, so we just switched our pending airport to Houston instead of Dallas and are waiting to see what happens.