November 2, 2017: Working from Houston

DuoLingo Streak: 61 Days

The Grices are back to school today, so it was a quiet day at the Grice house for the Miller clan.  Our plan is that we are going to be driving back to Dallas tomorrow.  It was a really nice day in Friendswood.  Liesl was actually awake before any of the rest of us.  She went to the upstairs living room and just settled in with her iPad.  She loves the giant couch there, it is a huge hit.

I put my Dell Inspiron laptop on the bar in the kitchen so that I could stand on the living room carpet and work today.  That worked out pretty well and I was able to work for the entire day while standing which is much healthier than sitting.  With the nice carpet, I didn’t need shoes to make it all day.  And it encourages me to walk around a lot while I do it.  I’m sure that I got a kilometer or two in today.

It was a generally productive day.  Standing and working in the living room seems to work pretty well for me.  Dominica and the girls did school today.  Part of the day they did it up on the second floor, part of it they did it out by the pool.

In the middle of the day the girls went and swam for a bit.  Mostly they seem to just like to put on swimsuits and play by the pool, they don’t actually spend all that much time in the pool itself.

We got just the tinest bit of rain this afternoon, but barely enough to notice.

The Grices got home and the kids played video games for just a little bit, and then went outside and played in the pool for a while.  I watched them from the living room while I continued to work and Dominica ran to HEB to go shopping for a cake for Francesca’s birthday, which is Saturday but as we are not going to be here, we are going to celebrate tonight.  There was apparently some confusion as I had thought that we were leaving on Sunday, but had heard Dominica mention to the kids that we might leave today, so when I asked her she said that we’d leave tomorrow.  I thought that she needed to get back and she thought that I needed to get back so it was just a bit of confusion.  But I had set up meetings as soon as I knew that we were heading back, so we were stuck with the decision once we figured out that we were just confused.