November 22, 2017: Skyrim Day in Houston

Wednesday.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

We are in Houston for the holiday.  All of the kids spent the day playing Skyrim on our Steam laptop.  It is very popular.  It’s amazing how into the game all of the kids are.  Liesl has really gotten into it and is deep into the story and replays parts of it a bit.  She knows the characters and what is going on in the game and really knows how to play it.  She knows parts of the game better than I do.  Luciana still struggles with it, it is a very complex game, but she is getting better and it is still impressive how much she is able to play.  When I was these girls’ ages I definitely could not play games like this.  Of course, when I was their ages, games like this did not exist at all.  So maybe that is not a very fair comparison.  Who knows what I would have been like had there been games of this nature.