December 10, 2017: First Sunday Home Alone

DuoLingo Streak: 99 Days

Sunday. The house remains cold and quiet as we go on my fourth day of being home alone.  This is when I start getting super lonely.  There really isn’t anything for me to do but work.  I’m in the mood to put in some time playing Skyrim today, but with the Steam laptop not hear the only video games that I have would be the ones on the Nvidia Shield and there are not very many there and those that are there are not all that gripping and I am not currently into any of them which makes them that much less interesting.  So I am not very likely to do that.

It’s a bright, crisp, sunny day.  I was up at eight and got right into the office.  I did a good number of SAMIT videos yesterday, and wanted to get more done today while the light was not too bad.

Very little going on around the house in Dallas.  With the family in Houston I’m pretty lonely and spending my time just working or watching some YouTube.  I’ve found several educational YouTube shows that I really have been enjoying so have been watching those.

I’m at my limit of enjoying having time to myself already.  It’s only two, maybe three days tops, before the solitude starts to wear on me.  It is going to be a long week.  The current plan is that I’ll be home alone for at least another week.