December 18, 2017: First Day in Houston

DuoLingo Streak: 107 Days

Monday.  I am down in Houston with my family!  I really miss the kids when they are away.  It’s very tough being away from them.

It has been good that Liesl has Telegram now because it is much easier for us to talk to one another when she is away.  But Luciana cannot read or Telegram yet, so we lose contact.  And she does not have her own phone yet, either.

A light rain here in Houston today.  It is not nearly as cold as up in Dallas.  Although it did freeze last week and the girls got to play in the snow here!

The girls are still doing school every day while down here in Houston.  Since I am here now, I am helping out with classes.

Luciana Doing Class with Daddy

There is Crown Royal and Egg Nog here in Houston, so that has been enjoyable.  Perfect for the chilly weather.

Rain in Houston

It was in the mid-fifties today.