December 30, 2017: The Freeze Is Coming

Saturday.  Dominica and I got up this morning and packed up the Nissan Quest.  We got on the road relatively early so that we would have a clear drive up to Dallas.  The cold spell was pushed off a few hours so there wasn’t the panic to get up to Dallas, anytime today would be fine.  It won’t be super cold until very early in the morning, so we are good for the day.

The roads were pretty decent, we didn’t have a bad drive at all back up to Dallas.  We had worried that we were going to have to deal with bad conditions on this drive but it turned out to be just fine.

We got to the house, got the heat turned up, unpacked what we had to from the car, got the water dripping, opened the cupboards, inspected everything that we could, did a little cleaning, and were off to bed before all that long.

The predictions for this week are that we are facing the coldest stretch that we have ever witnessed in Texas.  Not just the longest freeze, but the deepest one.  Last year our pipes froze at twenty four degrees after one day.  This year we are looking at being that cold for about six days and going as low as seventeen degrees!  We have no idea what Dallas is going to be like when it is that cold.

This also starts our long stretch at home without our kids.  Hard to believe that Dominica and I have the house to ourselves for several days, this has not happened in a very, very long time.  Even just one evening to ourselves is pretty rare, but most of a week on our own is unprecedented.

It will likely be frozen out by the time that we wake up in the morning.  We are really excited to be back in our own, super comfortable bed today.  It is amazing how quickly you miss it.