January 24, 2018: Filing an Unpaid Wage Report

Wednesday. This morning was mostly normal work.

Found out that the City of Peekskill lost our paperwork for getting our house inspected, which explains why we’ve been waiting for weeks without hearing anything.  We had even followed up with them and they had confirmed that they had had it weeks ago.  And at that time, they didn’t confirm until nearly five days after USPS had reported that they had received everything.

But at least now things are moving forward, they know that they screwed up and they are going to rush us through, now.  So things should happen tomorrow.

Today, for the first time ever, I got to spend a bit of my time filling out a report with the state for an employer not paying my wages.  All kinds of fun there.  This is, as you can imagine, very stressful.  In total, it is 4.5 months of unpaid wages that have to be claimed.  It’s a hugely impactful amount of money.

Tonight we watched the second Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as a family.  The girls are really liking getting to see the movies. They have been so into the books now for so long.  Harry Potter has really gotten them into literature like nothing else had before.

After we finished the movie, Dominica went to bed and the girls and I had our normal bedtime Harry Potter reading time and we ended up reading four chapters of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so that we could finish the book tonight.  Lots of really intense stuff at this point.