January 5, 2018: Last Day Without the Kids

Friday.  Today is our last day in Dallas without the kids.  We will be driving down to Houston tomorrow to pick them up since the Grice kids are about to head back to school on Monday and need this weekend to catch up on rest and get ready for school.

Today I built some wiki.js systems.  Seems like a nice wiki, quite fast.

This evening Dominica and I took advantage of being kid free for one last night and went out to Sherlock’s for an evening of live music at a younger bar.  We’ve not managed to get out to go drinking in Addison together in a very long time.

We are regularly finding that there are so many things that we felt like we “just did recently” and that that was actually half a decade ago in 2013 just before we moved away from this house!  It’s unreal to us how long we have not been living here, but how much it feels like we never left.

The band tonight was quite good and the bar was very busy.  We had a nice evening out.