February 16, 2018: Hanging Out with ML Peeps in Norcross

Friday.  Breakfast at the hotel, then in to the office.

After work this evening I stopped home and say the family for maybe half an hour.  Then I went to the cafe in Norcross and met up with Eddie.  We had coffee and spent a few hours together. Got a chance to catch up and talk about stuff going on at the office and his new job.

Me, Phil (RojoLoco), Phil’s Girlfriend, Eddie in Norcross

After a few hours, Phil and his girlfriend caught up with us as well.  Everyone lives within a few minutes of here.  Eddie left around nine or ten, then we went to the Iron Horse for beers, bites, and to hang out.  Phil and his girlfriend had their first date there.

Dinner for a lobster grilled cheese sandwich, which was amazing, and spicy tomato soup.

Lobster Grilled Cheese and the Iron Horse