February 22, 2018: Fish Tacos with the ML Crew

Thursday.  This is our last full day working here in Norcross, Georgia.  Tomorrow we start driving to New York.

Early morning in the office again today.  Another good day.  We ended a little on the early side, today.

I got home and we went down to the Happy Hour in the lobby for a while.  I had a snack and a glass of wine.  Some friends are coming up to visit tonight, so Dominica and the kids are just having a night in while we go out in downtown Norcross.

Around six or seven, Brant and Mark arrived.  They had a few hour drive to get to me.  We got into Brant’s car and drove to “downtown” historic Norcross and went out for dinner at Zapatos, a little Mexico bistro there on the “square” near the train depot.  I just had one beer, a Pacifico, tonight and we all got dinner.  I went for the fish tacos and they were amazing, some of the best, if not the best, fish tacos that I can remember having.  Unbelievably good.

We had a good time hanging out, but could not stay out late as the guys had a couple of hours to drive home yet.  So about ten they dropped me off at the hotel and stopped in for a few minutes to meet Dominica and the girls.  Brant is one of the most active people on MangoLassi, second most in fact, that I’ve never met in real life before.  Many other people from the community have met him, but not me.  I’ve not met Mark before, either, but he is not nearly as active so it is not as surprising.  The ML community is starting to have that “everyone knows each other” effect that happens in communities like this.

Mark, Brant, and Scott

After they guys left, I watched some Death in Paradise with Dominica.  After maybe thirty minutes of sitting on the couch, I had an incredibly suddenly and insanely acute scratching throat and inability to stop coughing.  It was horrible.  It just hit me like a truck.  We were just sitting there watching a show and a moment later I was having what I can only imagine was an allergy attack.  Super scratchy throat, air constricted, swelling glands, unstoppable cough.  I mean really, really bad.  And it went on all night.

We have no idea what happened but are pretty concerned about it.  It could be the flu, but what flu comes on like this.

This evening we packed up the hotel and got most everything loaded into the car and ready for tomorrow.  We check out in the morning and drive to New York tomorrow evening.