February 23, 2018: Last Day in Norcross

Friday. This is our last day in Norcross, for now at least.  It’s been a very good two weeks here, we are very thankful that we came.  And we are super grateful to the awesome Hilton Hometown Suites that has been taking care of us for the last two weeks.

I felt awful this morning, really sick.  This isn’t good at all.  I was feeling terrible since late last night.  We have no idea what it is.

I got up and went into the office “early” this morning, Dominica worked on getting the girls up and the hotel room packed up.  Most of the packing was done last night and the Quest is already mostly filled.  Only the small stuff that needs to go in the final load still remains in our hotel room(s).

We had a good day in the office.  Wrapping up whatever we could.

At one I left the office and swung over to the hotel, picked up Dominica and the girls, checked out and took them over to the office where they had some room to hang out and we wanted to take a moment for Dominica to get to meet everyone.  So once there, I took Dominica and the girls upstairs and gave them the grand tour and introduced them to everyone in the office.

We were able to get everything done and in the car and on the road by three, which worked out perfectly.  We beat rush hour traffic out of town as we headed east towards Anderson, South Carolina to get to to I85 and head north.  Our plan is to go through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and then got west up through West Virginia and through Pittsburgh and up to Erie.

The drive went well and thankfully about an hour outside of Atlanta I suddenly cleared up and felt fine.  Likely it was just allergies.  So the drive was not bad.

We had a good night of driving and made good time.  It was farther than we had been anticipating, though, and decided when we entered West Virginia that we would just book a hotel for the night before it got too late and got hard to do.  We found a low cost Hilton Garden Inn up north about an hour south of the Pennsylvania border and booked that and just pushed through to get there around two in the morning.  That worked out really well.

So we have a nice hotel room tonight and are getting extra Hilton Honors Points (we got a lot the last two weeks) and will be all refreshed and will be able to easily get on the road in the morning to finish the drive up to dad’s.