March 11, 2018: And It’s the Flu

Sunday. My first day back home in Texas.  Finally I get to be home for a while.  No scheduled trips on the horizon.

I woke up a bit late today and I still have the ridiculously horrible cough that I had while I was out in California. Worse today, in fact.  Dominica is starting to feel pretty sick, too.  The girls are okay, though.

The original plan was for the family to go to Houston today and stay there for the week for Spring Break with the Grices.  But once Dominica saw how she was feeling today, she knew that she had to cancel the trip.  So my day of driving is no more.

It is a good thing, after I got going today, I do not think that I could have handled any time in the car driving the family, even if Francesca had met us halfway there.

Luciana had asked me last evening if I would play chess with her today (her No Stress Chess game) so this afternoon she and I played three games of chess together in the living room while Liesl watched and played her hidden object games no Steam.  I won all three, but Luciana does a pretty good job.  She likes her No Stress Chess a lot.  It is a little like a card battle game, mixed with chess.

I was so sick by this afternoon that I was thinking about a nap and by six thirty I crawled into bed to see if I could nap and, it turned out that I could.  I fell asleep and was out for the night.